Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Christmas Tree Cards

So, with the festive season rapidly approaching, I decided to use up some surplus green yarn and make some gorgeous Christmas cards. They look great, and they're so easy to make!

Ignore our non-matching chairs in the background (the weather hasn't been good enough for me to paint the last one!!)  

To make the knitted Christmas tree:

  1. CO 20 stitches
  2. K20
  3. K1, P18, K1
  4. K20
  5. K1, P18, K1
  6. K2tog, K16, K2tog
  7. K1, P16, K1
  8. K18
  9. K1, P16, K1
  10. K18
  11. P2tog, P14, P2tog
  12. K16
  13. K1, P14, K1
  14. K16
  15. K1, P14, K1
  16. K2tog, K12, K2tog
  17. K1, P13, K1
  18. K14
  19. K1, P13, K1
  20. K14
  21. P2tog, P10, P2tog
  22. K12
  23. K1, P10, K1
  24. K12
  25. K1, P10, K1
  26. K2tog, K8, K2tog
  27. K1, P8, K1
  28. K10
  29. K1, P8, K1
  30. K10
  31. P2tog, P6, P2tog
  32. K8
  33. K1, P6, K1
  34. K8
  35. K1, P6, K1
  36. K2tog, K4, K2tog
  37. K1, P4, K1
  38. K6
  39. K1, P4, K1
  40. K6
  41. P2tog, P2, P2tog
  42. K4
  43. P2tog, P2tog
  44. K2tog
  45. Cut the yarn tail, pass it through the last stitch and pull tightly to secure.
I used cheap acrylic yarn for these, because I had it leftover, so the trees curled at the edges. In order to combat this, block the trees by soaking them in diluted fabric conditioner and then pinning them, gently stretched, to a towel. Once they're dry they should be flat(ish).

Putting the card together:

I guess you could get creative with the decorations, but I wanted to keep mine simple and elegant. I glued a few red and gold sequins into the trees and left it at that.
Go crazy with the decorations - just like on your real Christmas tree!

To attach the tree to a card, thread very thin ribbon in a small loop at the top, and another at the bottom of the tree. Punch holes in the card in the corresponding place, pass the ribbon through the holes and tie in two neat bows. I want it to be obvious that these cards are handmade, and special. If you wanted to be more subtle though, you could glue the trees to the card.

I attached the trees to each card using thin ribbon, tied in bows.

I can't wait to send these off in the post to friends and family (although I might keep one to show it off!)

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